Stuyvesant Math Team, Late 1939

Top row, left to right
  • Unknown
  • Thomas Lombardo
  • Sydney Perlman
  • Unknown
  • Harold Blumberg
Middle row
  • Sol Tanne
  • Daniel Frankl
  • Norman Bernstein
  • Joseph File
  • Irving Hirsch
  • Unknown
Bottom row
  • Lyber Katz
  • Dr. Sternberg
  • Edward Gordon
  • Benjamin Lepson

Photograph courtesy of Dr. Julius Krevans (1940), from Indicator, January 1940

From the Indicator:

The Stuyvesant High Math Team, one of the "forgotten men" of the extra-curricular activites of our school, has always fared well in the inter-scholastic competitions held during previous seasons.

This term's team consists of two regulars and three promising newcomers. They are Edward Gordon, the captain, and Lyber Katz. The rest of the team is still in the formative stage but will probably consist of Benjamin Lepson, Daniel Frankl, Norman Bernstein, and Sol Tanne. One of these and the following make up the second team of Burt Bussell, Harold Blumberg, Bernard Maxik, and Irving Hirsch. As yet Boys High School has been setting the pace this season and leads the field by a large margin. Stuyvesant is batting with the "x's" and "logs" at its command to maintain us in a runner-up position and possibly creep up on the leader. The team's captain, Eddie Gordon, is the high scorer, having already scored 184 points. The regular season consists of five meets, each of which is composed of five problems with a time limit. When a problem has been solved correctly within the proper time limit a score is registered by that side. The team with the biggest score naturally wins first place and the handsome cup that goes with it. Notwithstanding the fact that Stuyvesant's efforts usually result in acquiring the third place banner, boys who "share the problems" of the math team discovered that the knack of thinking under pressure stands them in good stead on examinations of all kinds.

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