Stuyvesant Math Team, Fall 1948

Top row, left to right
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Elias Stein
  • Harold Widom
  • Paul Cohen
Bottom row
  • Unknown
  • Martin Brilliant
  • Unknown

Photograph courtesy of Martin Brilliant, from Indicator, January 1949

From the Indicator:

J.T.S.: Elias Stein to the stand

AGRAMONTE: Senior buttons, prom tickets! Oh Stein, they've got some nice round numbers there.

STEIN: (at his primest) I am presently investigating the properties of prime numbers.

AGRAMONTE: (who has a one track mind) That's just what I meant; round numbers in their prime.

J.T.S. hastily buys a ticket.

J.T.S.: Well Stein. What do you think our chances are of keeping girls out of Stuyvesant?

STEIN: That depends entirely on 1/2d2 rdDdr.

J.T.S.: How is it that your formula depends entirely on curves Stein?

Stein says nothing but merely buys a prom ticket from the overjoyed Agramonte. The expression on his face is only slightly disdainful.

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