Stuyvesant Math Team, Spring 1969

Top row, left to right
  • Peter Silverglate
  • Irving Paskowitz
  • Harley Kaufman
  • Jan Kirschner
  • David Harbater
Middle row
  • Charles Shenitz
  • Gary Roberts
  • Mr. Schwartz
  • Arthur Rothstein
  • Alan Dean
Bottom row
  • Gary Gottlieb
  • Julius Collins
  • George Barany

Photograph, courtesy of Larry Hyman (1969), from Indicator, June 1969

From the Indicator:

Barring teacher strikes, subway delays, and the like, at 7:45 A.M. one can always find the Math Team meeting in room 511. It is here that we find the future Einsteins of the world earnestly plugging away at the problems bestowed upon them by Captains Gary Gottlieb and Harley Kaufman.

In order to arrive at the correct solution to one of the problems, David Harbater presents a long and complicated solution which eventually digs into advanced topology to aid in its derivation. Annoyed, Arthur Rothstein quickly devises a sneaky method of converting an isosceles trapezoid into a square, and he too, arrives as the correct solution. Mr. Schwartz, the team's coach, scarcely completes a word of advice when the bell rings; in a twinkle, the classroom empties.

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