Stuyvesant Math Team, Spring 1977

Sitting, from left to right, are Joel Hirschhorn, Paul Weiss, Pat Hom, Gary Wishik and Aaron Jungreis. The person directly behind Pat Hom is Brian Greene (1980).

Standing at the far left in the Stuyvesant sweatshirt is Sally Abolitz. Next to her is Chris Slowinski, and between them Greg Sorkin. Behind Paul Weiss is Julie Pan. Move left for Paula Dubro and then back for Kenneth Ong. Fred Helenius is looking at Kenneth. Move forwards and right for Steve Welsch, then back and right again for Michael Trenk.

Standing behind Gary Wishik are, from left to right, Richard Tello and Michael Miller. Directly behind Richard Tello and partially obscured by him is David Grant. Look right for Junku Lee, and right again for Michael Lev. Irwin Jungreis is standing in front of Michael Lev.

Donald Bonin is at the far right, next to the faculty advisor, Barry Glotzer.

Photograph courtesy of Paul Weiss, from Indicator, June 1977

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