Stuyvesant Math Team, Spring 1980

Top row, left to right
  • Dan Alpert
  • Andrew Burok
  • Alex Lizada
  • Zachary Franco
  • Leonid Fridman
  • Toros Kapoian
  • Delma Wein
  • Alain Borczuk
Middle row
  • Bruce Baer
  • Paul Romanelli
  • Howard Reubenstein
  • Steven Lev
  • Calvin Lin
  • Paul Feldman
  • Mitchell Charity
  • Nathan Glasser
  • David Zagorski
  • Debbie Waldman
  • Imtiaz Munshi
  • Gregg Patruno
Bottom row
  • Naveed Khan
  • Sharyn Marks
  • Ann Trenk
  • Lisa Randall
  • Daniel Glasser
  • James Balter
  • Joel Hirschhorn
  • Stephen Levine
  • Doris Stoffers
  • Tammy Zietchick
  • Gauss
  • Newton
  • Lori Silvern
  • Richard Ng
  • Michael Langman

Photograph, courtesy of Orna Samuelly (1980), from Indicator, June 1980

From the Indicator:

The Math Team meets daily during zero period to learn mathematical techniques and methods and to practice problems in preparation for the Interscholastic Math League Competition, for the M.A.A. Competition and for the New York Math League Competition. There is a senior team and, for the first time, two junior teams; all three placed first in the Interscholastic Math League Competition– position Stuyvesant has held for over ten consecutive years.

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