Each row from left to right


Phillip Gouldin

Family ties

Jane Chu and Ben Chu are unrelated.

Lois Antman and Roberta Feifer are aunt and niece.

Gail Chin and Daryl Chin are twins.

Danny Bernstein and Andrew Bernstein are unrelated.

Name change

Juli Dell started seventh grade as Julie Yudelowitz. In the mid-1960s anti-Semitism still appeared to be practiced by medical schools. Julie had an older brother who may have had medical ambitions. It was never considered polite to ask an applicant's religion, but an admissions committee could draw general conclusions from an applicant's name, nose size, or activities (e.g., don't brag about spending your summers on a kibbutz outside of Haifa). We assume this is why her family changed its name.

Bonus questions

Why is the class so large?

Why do the girls outnumber the boys?

Who is the dork with the pocket protector?

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